Bass Guitars

  • Cort Steinberger
  • Yamaha RBX4A2
  • Cort Action AS

Amp Head

  • Line 6 Lowdown HD400
  • FBV Express MkII pedalboard controller

Speaker Cabinets

  • 2x10 Bugera Bass Cab
  • 1x15 Bugera Bass Cab


  • Samson Airline


In the RBX4A2, Yamaha have created a lightweight bass guitar without compromising the tone. When I picked up this bass guitar I knew immediately that it was right for me.

The tone really is excellent, clean and deep, and because of the lightweight body its really good for playing quick runs.

The Cort Steinberger bass was an impulse buy, but the tone on it is fantastic. Every note cuts perfectly, and the sustain is excellent. It's also sturdy and light which makes it great for touring.

Coupling both of these with the HD400 creates a really versatile setup. The HD400 has been able to get me pretty much any tone I want, from clean to grind.

The 'deep' button is great for adding a beastly amount of low end to the tone and the ability to preset 4 tones means that I donít have to waste time dialling in the tone I want, you just switch it on and its there.

It also has an inbuilt tuner which runs from the floorboard too for quick tuning, without having to carry extra gear. I seriously cannot rate this amp highly enough!